Johnson's Small Engines Lawn Mower Repair and Service
                 Johnson's Small Engines          Lawn Mower Repair and Service  


Tractor and Zero Turn
- Clean Machine

- Romove Battery and slow charge or replace if needed
- Install new spark plug/s
- Clean or replace air filter/pre filter
- Install new fuel filter
- Check oil before starting
- Test running engine and check engine speed
- Check charging system
- Change oil and oil filter (if necessary)
- Adjust valves if needed (added labor cost if needed)
- Replaced valve cover gasket
- Check/grease and/or replaced blade spindle bearings (added labor cost if needed)
- Check and/or relpace mower deck idler pulleys (added labor cost if needed)
- Clean under mower deck.
- Sharpen/balance or replace blades.
- Check and/or relpace mower deck belt and/or pto belt. (extra labor cost if needed)
- Checked and or replace transmission brive belt and/or idler pulleys (added labor cost if needed)
- Check and adjust all tire pressure
- Check all safety switches
- Check brakes and adjust if needed or replace (added labor cost if needed)
-Check brakes and adjust if needed or replaced (added labor cost if needed)
- Level mower deck -Grease front suspesion if possible
-Check/grease and/or relace front wheel bearings (added labor if needed)
- Grease all possible grease fitting

Snow Thrower
-Check oil before starting

-Remove any mice or mouse nests if needed
-Test electric starter if machine has one
-Check recoil rope and/or replaced if necessary
-Install new spark plug -Check and adjust carburetor
-Check and adjust engine speed
-Change engine oil if needed
- Remove lower drive disc cover and check transmission disc and/or replace
-Remove drive belt cover and check or replace
-Check and/or replace drive idler pulley/s
- Check auger shear pins and/or replace
-Adjust tire pressure and install tubes if needed
-Check and adjust bottom scrapper bar
-Adjust or replace tubes if needed
-Adjust or replace side scrapper skid shoes
-Test run auger (no snow)
- Test run self-propelled drive (if equipped)
-Spray silicone in and around chute and auger to help the snow from sticking
(You must re apply every time you use the machine )
- Tighten handle assemble

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